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Walking Aids

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When the time comes to invest in a walking aid, you want to feel confident that you’re choosing the right device for your needs. The type of walking aid that you invest in will depend on your individual needs. Here at Hometown Pharmacy, we offer a wide range of products. Whether you’d prefer a rollator or a walking aid, there’s plenty more where that came from. Walkers are best for users who need partial body weight support as they walk. On the other hand, a rollator is ideal for users who experience weakness while standing or simply need a bit of additional support when walking. Keep reading to learn more about these products.

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Featured Walking Aids:

Nova Medical Cruiser De-Light Rolling Walker


A rollator resembles a walker but it has wheels on all four of the legs that slide forward. You won’t have to be concerned with lifting the device to move it forward as you walk. This is a very helpful feature to have, but it’s important to understand that this device should never be used to support your body weight as it can lead to a fall. A rollator comes with a seat. Some models even have removable backs, which provide you with superior balance when sitting.

Nova Medical folding walker


A walker is a commonly used device with four legs that remains on the ground as you move. You’ll need to have enough upper body strength to move it forward while you walk. The legs on standard models do not come with wheels, but there are accessories you can invest in that enable you to slide it forward rather than having to lift it. This device is designed to help the user maintain their balance as they walk. If you’re at risk of falling due to balance issues, you should consider a walker.

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