Physical Therapy Products

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Physical Therapy Products

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It’s no secret that physical therapy is a wonderful way to promote healing in your body through the natural process of exercise. Did you know that you can enhance this process even further by investing in a number of physical therapy products? This could be something as simple as an exercise ball or a hand exerciser. Of course, the type of product you choose will depend on your individual needs. Everyone is on a different path of healing, which is why Hometown Pharmacy strives to carry the very best products to aid in the process.

No matter what type of physical therapy product you’re searching for, we’re confident you’ll find it at Hometown Pharmacy. For more information, give us a call or stop by today. We offer several convenient locations, including Gainesville, TX, and Santa Fe, NM. We’re proud to be the only local medical equipment provider in the areas that we serve!

Nova Digital Exercise Peddler

Even with the best physical therapist in town, you still want to add the right fitness and rehabilitation equipment to your routine to assist in your road to recovery. Whether you’ve suffered a traumatic injury or recently had a major medical procedure, there are many physical therapy products that can help. Hand exercisers help rehabilitate hand muscles while restoring normal function and strengthening grip. Electrotherapy devices can help heal tissue and reduce pain.

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